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A close up picture of a person repairing a label printer

Our main focus is on the servicing of label printers, spare parts and the replacement of wear and tear parts, including the most diverse selection of printheads / thermal bars for all the various thermal printers of all manufacturers. Printheads and the most common replacement parts are usually available directly from stock. And of course, we can also offer you completely refurbished printers at reasonable prices, including all options.

Our big advantage over the competition lies in our very fast delivery times. Since we have most spare parts directly in stock, you usually have the part you need in hand the following day. Orders before 13:00  will be shipped the same day. Express orders are possible until about 17:00.

We also offer a spare part and repair service for older printers including but not exclusive to the MP104 MKII series from Markpoint. And we'd be happy to offer you overhauled demo printers at reasonable prices.

We will not let you down. In the case of older systems and equipment you'll receive the same level of service and care from us as for new ones, with us your investment will always pay off.

Or do you need more information? Just ask us!

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